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Academic calendar 2020 - 2021

Academic Calendar 2020-2021

Academic Calender 2020-21
B.L.Amlani College of Commerce & Economics, M.R. Nathwani College of Arts 
6, N S Rd Number 3, Hatkesh Society, JVPD Scheme,
Juhu, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400049
1 27th April , 20 to 1st May, 20 Webinar on Peace Education
2 9th May, 20 to 12th May, 20 Yoga for Rejuvenating Womanhood (MKLM)
3 18th May, 2020 National Webinar on Basics of Cyber Security (With Public Night Degree College )
4 19th May, 2020 Basics of Cyber Security (With Dr. Haribhau Admane Nagpur)
5 20th May, 2020 Webinar Lockdown 2020 Reshaping Feminism (With Help You Foundation and NCWDC)
6 23rd May, 2020 Yoga Rejuvenating Lifeskill (With Rizvi)
7 28th May, 2020 National Webinar on Skilling Feminism  (With Reena Mehta and Public Night Degree College)
8 30th May, 2020 Webinar on 3 E's of Performing Art :"Expression, Emotion, Experience" (With Rizvi)
9 4th June, 2020 National Webinar on Stress Management during Covid 19 for College Students (With Dayanand)
10 5th June, 2020 International Webinar Peer Collaboration and Informal Teaching Method an International Perspective (With Rizvi)
11 7th June, 20 to 13th June, 20 Webinar on Nalanda Sanskritidhara_Multidimensitional of Indian Culutre (Nalanda)
12 8th June, 2020 Webinar on Positive Thinking and Practical Meditation (Brahmakumaris)
13 9th June, 20 to 13th June, 20 National Webinar on Personality Development - Short Term Course (With Dayanand)
14 10th June,2020 National Webinar Implications of Covid -19 Pandemic on Women and Children (With MSCW)
15 14th June, 2020 National Webinar on Is there a Need for New Health Legislation in Post Covid Scenario in India
16 19th June, 2020 National Webinar on Health and Happiness Second Lockdown Meditation Series (With Dayanand)
17 19th June, 2020 National Webinar on Self Reliant Women Challenges and Opportunities (With Rani Durgawati Jabalpur)
18 20th June, 2020 विविध वयोगटासाठी पोषण व प्रतिकारक्षमता बाबत मार्गदर्शन (Guidance on nutrition and immunity for different age groups)
19 21st June, 2020 National Webinar CSR Emerging Modern Dimensions (With Dayanand)
20 23rd June, 2020 Webinar on Teaching Learning Methodology in Commerce and MGMT (With Dayanand)
21 30TH June, 2020 National Webinar for Financial Literacy for Women (With Dayanand)
22 27th July, 20 to 31st July, 20 Webinar on Personality Development From Black Board to Broadband
23 1st August, 2020 Bakri Id / Eid ul-Adha
24 3rd August, 2020 Raksha Bandhan
25 12th August, 2020 Janmashtami
26 15th August, 2020 Independence Day
27 22nd August, 2020 Vinayaka Chaturthi
28 27th August, 2020 Webinar on Swachhta Action Plan
29 30th August, 2020 Muharram
30 31st August, 2020 Onam
31 25th and 26th September, 20 National Webinar on Empowerment of Women in Digital Era
32 28th September, 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic with Gender Lens Issues and Concern
33 2nd October, 2020 Mahatma Gandhi Jayanti
34 25th October, 2020 Dussehra / Dasara
35 14th November, 2020 Diwali / Deepavali
36 27th November, 2020 IAWS Western Regional Conference Gender and Higher Education Comtemporary Challenges 
37 2nd December, 2020 Need of Women Commission to Bring Gender Equality 
38 7th December, 2020 to 12th December, 2020 Internal Assessment F.Y/ S.Y/ T.Y (SFC) (Semester I, III & V)*
39 17th December, 2020 to 23rd December, 2020 Semester End Examination S.Y. & T.Y*
40 25th December, 2020 Christmas
41 14th January, 2021 to 16th January, 2021 Internal Assessment M.Com Part II (Semester- III)*
42 05th January, 2021 to 12th January, 2021 Semester End Examination F.Y*
43 16th January, 2021 Legal Research Methods
44 04th Febraury, 2021 to 6th Febraury, 2021 Semester End Examination Part II (Semester- III)*
45 13th February , 2021 Significance of National Womens Day
46 8th March, 2021 International Womens Day
47 15th March, 2021 to 20th March, 2021 Internal Assessment F.Y/ S.Y/ T.Y (SFC) (Semester II, IV & VI)*
48 17th March, 2021 to 20th March, 2021 Internal Assessment and Semester End Examination of M.Com Part I (Semester- I)*
49 30th March, 2021 Aatmanirbhar Bharat
50 19th April, 2021 to 29th April, 2021 Semester End Examination F.Y. & S.Y. (Semester II & IV) *
51 28th April, 2021 National Seminar on NABARD : Promoting Capacity Building for Rural Youth
52 30th April, 2021 ICHR Sponsored National Conference on Dynamics of Women's In India
53 6th May, 2021 to 15th May, 2021 Semester End Examination T.Y (Semester VI)*
54 15th May, 2021 National Conference on Financial Inclusion for Women Empowerment 
55 27th May, 2021 to 31st May, 2021 Internal Assessment M.Com Part I (Semester- II)*
56 27th May, 2021 to 29th May, 2021 Internal Assessment M.Com Part II (Semester- IV)*
57 27th May, 2021 to 29th May, 2021 Semester End Examination M.Com Part II (Semester IV)*

Note: * Dates are tentative, may change due to unavoidable circumstances.


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