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I am very happy to share this report with you.; Our innovative bachelor’s programme in Bachelor of Accountancy B.Com & BAF Departmentis facilitated by effective learning environment enriched by facetoface faculty mentoring and coaching. Our is Girls College affiliated to university of Mumbai which supports Women Empowerment. This year department has 181 students for the first year, 155 students for second year and 149 students for third year.

The corner stone of any department is its faculty. We draw on the resources of our own regular faculty, as well as visiting faculty from the Industry, to offer quality business education Students of the department excelled in academics and in extracurricular activities

. Many students are doing internship with companies to get practical knowledge of business activities. We thus encourage our students to take active interest in various extracurricular and social activities. This includes sports and games, seminars, workshops and debates.

In this academic year 2018-19, students from BAF batch 2018-19 namedHARSHA MANDAVKAR & ROSSEL FROM TYBAF, have also performed well in many sports, co curricular& extracurricular activities. PAYAL SARKAR- FYBAF got placement with synoptic technologies. ANJALI POPAT & BANSI actively participated in DLLE- UDAAN festival 2018-19.

Following students have actively participated& won many prizes in intercollegiate competitions:






 Department have arranged session on Interview skills for second & third year students. Students showed active participation many Intercollgiate activities. Students have actively participated in “Swattch Bharat Abhiyaan” in following activities & made it a grand success, like:

ü  Esseay Writing Competition

ü  Pastic ban Drive

ü  Campus cleaning activity

ü  Poster making competition

ü  Swatch Bharat rally

Asst. Prof. Suryaprakash Singh  has also attended Half day faculty development pregamme on –“teacher –learner mindset” A seminar was conducted a very comprehensive view on GST. This being a very important topic was addressed very calmly and tactfully. Department had conducted a personality development seminar for all the FY students.

The girls were in conversation with Prof. ShilpiDey in regards to grooming, presentation and communication skills. TY Students have attended workshop organized by PEARL academy  &, All TY students are been trained by Technoserve professionals for their better career and job opportunities, which will be helpful for their better future.

An industrial visit to Goa was organized by B.L.Amlani college from 16th FEB 2019 to 20th FEB 2019.Around hundred Students of  B.L.amlani College had visited kala ghoda Festival on 8th Feb 2018.We hope the year 2018-19 will bring in better opportunities. We aim to inspire and demonstrate our experience.

Asst. Prof. Suryaprakash Singh

Coordinator- B.Com & BAF Department


The College has conducted “the Positive Thinking Seminar by DIYA foundation on 4th of August 2018, in College auditorium. DIYA stands for Divine India Youth Association which founded with the objective of upliftment of youth in our society. On this occasion chief guest Mrs. Sangeeta Tiwari and Mrs. Mittal Shah were invited who associated with this foundation since long. The Seminar speaker Was Ms. Apurva Thakkar, a very dynamic personality who hold the entire crowed intact with her motivational speech. The seminar was having different activity and interactive sessions for our students.

DIYA work with the fivefold objectives of Educated youth, Healthy youth,Self-reliant youth, Cultured youth and Sensitive youth. This foundation has conducted so many activities like Rakt-DaanYagna, Project Savedana, Project Smile, Project Prayas, Pragya Yoga Circles, Project Sandan, Swachh Man and Swachh Bharat, Project Drishtikon , Project Divine Library , VidyaAarambh and many more. This foundation also very prompt in conducting Personality Refinement Workshops ,Scientific Spirituality, Youth in Spirituality and Teachers Day series.

The Seminar on the Positive thinking for our fresher’s turns into the brainstorming session. The Speaker had good impact on the students as result they felt so empowered after the session. The Seminar was concluded with vote of thanks by prof. Sonali Shiralkar.


Our college was highly privileged to have a seminar conducted by Captain Jay Joshi, on who enlightened the girls on the topic of perspectives. He made students understand the importance of perspectives and how they should work around it.

 He also highlighted the fact that, inspiration is the main reason why perspective has been derived. Captain Jay Joshi rightly told students that inspiration is a choice, which is formulated by a person’s internal reactions and thoughts. He said the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something should only come when you are inspired.

He linked that inspiration leads to practice which further leads to perspective. This was a very important business ethic, which was explained by captain in a very simple way. He gave students various examples of perspectives and students were extremely delighted at the seminar held by him. He is also an author of the book, two sides of the same coin.

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