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Rajani foundation India is always been found active in social contribution. Like every year; this year B.L.Amalni College & Rajani Foundation have taken up an initiative to save environment by taking “Zero plastic movement and beach cleaning drive” on 30th August and  8th September 2019.

Poster making competition was organized at school level, junior college and degree college level on 30th August 2019. On 8th September 2019 beach cleaning drive was organized. After the Ganpati visarjan where a huge number of idols were immersed in the sea, as a repercussion the beaches across Mumbai have been heavily polluted. Students cleaned up the Juhu beach, Mumbai. They had also invited other citizens to participate in the clean-up drive.

​It was realized that, after celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi for ten days we really need to see what we have done to the beaches and the environment. It is always feasible to use non-plaster of Paris idols or Eco-friendly idols because they negatively affect the marine life.

Students have actively participated in this drive. Despite the ban on plastic usage in Maharashtra plastic products were found on beache. The ban on thermocol was not lifted which is also widely used in decorative material which also contributed in massive pollution. It was observed that still we have to work hard for environment sustainability for better future.

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