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A visit to RBI monetary museum were organized on 29th August,2019 for our BBI and BMS students. Students of BBI and BMS and Course co-ordinators Dr. Deepti Sadvelkar and Dr. Aruna Singham visited the monetary Museum . Students were briefed about the evolution of money through power point presentation and explained the functions and role of Reserve Bank of India and why RBI is said to be Bankers Bank.

 Visits to money museum offers young students a great opportunity to draw on the past – learn about the history of money – to understand the importance of saving for their futures. Visits to the museum do not need to be limited to a walking tour, but can include various workshops where students can learn about different currencies and the history of money.

The museum showed the evolution of currency - from barter to coins to paper money and, later, to e-money. It captures the journey of the monetary system in the Indian subcontinent. The coinage section had coins that date back to the 6th century B.C.

 RBI Monetary Museum is a unique museum set up by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) – the most important financial institution of the country. There were various galleries in the museum where coins, paper money and other monetary artifacts are preserved. Students found the visit very interesting and enthusiastic.

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